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Marleen Vandenbosch
Marleen Vandenbosch After almost 20 years in the corporate world, much of which was spent in marketing and corporate communication, the "way of nature" became increasingly important to me. Floral design and body work started to take up much of my time. I attended various courses: Massage (Natuurlijk Genezen), seated massage (Shiatsu Touch), cranio-sacral therapy (Upledger Institute), fascia therapy (Universität für Komplementärmedizin, Herdecke, Germany) and shiatsu (Manipura vzw). They were complemented by many workshops on Western, Eastern and South-American body-ways, such as: holistic massage, Tuina, chakra, Maya and Ayurvedic massage. I am also initiated in "Alchemic Healing" by Tareth (Bristol, UK).
In my practice I try to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

An interesting journey... that has culminated in the creation of Essens, Centre for Well-Being and Expansion of Consciouness.

On top of these activities, I also continue to be available to work on projects as a communication consultant and florist. Just different ways to let my creativity flow! Please contact me if you would like to discuss these areas too.

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